1st October 2019

Fall Bridal Design in Beijing

Using the chicken wire technique and fibrous paper Mark created a rustic, yet elegant Autumn bridal design for the students of his most recent course in Structural Designing at Cohim - Flower School Beijing.

Photo credit - Cohim

19th July 2019

Autumn Feels

An autumn inspired design, including an ornamental pumpkin and brown lentils, feature in Nacre Magazine's latest issue (#69). contains autumn inspired arrangements from all around the globe, including a portfolio of designs by Mark.

Photo credit - Eddie Brockwell

24th June 2019

Hammered in Harmony

Mark demonstrated this design in Brisbane last week as part of Flower Thinking's 'Hammering in Harmorny' workshop.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

7th June 2019

Beijing Design Days

Cohim - Flower School Beijing's 'Structural Designing' course took Mark back to China recently where he created this arrangement clamped on a vase.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

15th May 2019

Contemporary Design at Cohim

One of several designs created at Cohim - Flower School Beijing as part of a new online floral design course.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling