15th August 2020

Autumn Feels 2020

One of Mark's autumn inspired designs, including Gloriosa, parsnips and Craspedia, featured in Nacre Magazine's Fall issue (#73).

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

30th July 2020

Hoarded Inspiration

Mark finds inspiration in the details of a vase he has been hoarding in his collection for some years, and expresses those details through a intricately structured design.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

28th May 2020

Emerging Growth

Mark created a design in Fusion Flowers Magazine, Issue #114,which encapsulates the theme of issue - 'New Growth'.  He built screens of dried Photinia branches around a vital core of branches with shooting leaves and other verdant materials.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

24th April 2020

Straddling Form and Function

Mark's design in Fusion Flowers Magazine, Issue #113, with a structured form that straddles the edge of the container.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

6th February 2020

Unexpected Embarkations

From the pages of Fusion Flowers Magazine (Issue 112), Mark employs wire mechanics to work away from a vase in an unexpected way.

Photo credit - Mark Pampling