12th December 2017

A Seasonal Greeting

Mark created a contemporary table centre for Christmas using Steel Grass and amazing 'Ambrosia' roses. It's featured in the latest edition of Fusion Flowers Magazine (Issue 99).

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

30th November 2017

A Delicate Balance

A Delicate Balance - featured in Fusion Flowers Magazine (issue 97).

Photo credit - Eddie Brockwell

28th November 2017

Designing in Karachi

Disc design from demonstration for the World Flower Council, Pakistan Chapter, in Karachi. November 2017

Photo credit - Mark Pampling

20th November 2017

Structural Designing at Flower School Beijing

Demonstration arrangement from 'Classical Structural Design' course exploring asymmetry, and radial and overlapping line - at Cohim in Beijing.

Photo credit - Cohim Fashion School

30th September 2017

Exhibition design

Created at Cohim – Flower School Beijing

Photo credit - Mark Pampling